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About us

Our experts with many years of experience capture the business opportunities at the intersection of technology and business focused procurement. We commit ourselves to implement robust engineering and supply solutions for your business.

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Our proposition

To realize the full potential of opportunities in your value chain and product portfolio - from incubation till phase-out - , proper matching of the technical specifics of your product and the needs of your business is necessary. This can only be achieved by optimal alignment between Engineering and Procurement. Bridging these 2 ‘worlds’, with mutually reinforcing perspectives, is the key to success. Soliper is your experienced partner in cases where your promising business opportunities are waiting in your product portfolio or supply base set-up to be identified and implemented.

What we offer

1. Accelerating time-to-market

A lot of new product introduction projects take more time than necessary because of non-optimal handover between Product Development and Operations. Moreover, product development can further be accelerated by leveraging high-capable suppliers in earlier stages. SOLIPER offers ...

2. Increasing resilience

The supply of your product portfolio should be ensured. Robust supply solutions, capable to handle unexpected changes under dynamic market conditions, cannot be realized by procurement knowledge and experience only. SOLIPER offers a variety of services also taking the necessary...

3. Boosting performance

The performance of your supply base for your current product portfolio will be boosted by our combined procurement and procurement-engineering services, to take out costs and increase quality and delivery. Main advantage is that SOLIPER can act independently, not burdening your critical resources...

SOLIPER covers the above by means of project and interim management.

How we operate

Our pride lies in tailoring our contribution exactly to your needs and we can scale up from just one person to full project teams. Your business will get the right support and the skilled people to ensure project success from start to implementation and we will bring you the results you are looking for.
Our combined procurement & engineering approach connects the dots between engineering, production technology and supply, mitigating your project risks and improving your direct business results.

  • Proven methodologies
  • Fact-based
  • Transparent communication
  • Hands-on
  • Result focused
  • Building on thorough Experience

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